SuperClear Chemistry

How does it work?

Part 1: 

SuperClear uses a proprietary coagulant, Combine 100, to attract microscopic dirt particles and combine them into larger soil complexes.

Part 2:

SuperClear takes these heavy soil complexes and accelerates their fallout using the Drop Out 200 flocculent. The SuperClear System automatically separates the clean from the dirty water.

Part 3:

SuperClear Odor Gone 300 and/or the SuperClear Recirculating System disallow anaerobic bacteria to thrive on soils, thereby eliminating odor in the recycled water.

The SuperClear Product Line

 1710Combine 100 Proprietary coagulant designed to pull soils together in the Reaction Tank and prepare them for ultimate removal from the system. Specially designed to improve drying of vehicles compared to any other coagulant chemistry. 
 1720Drop Out 200Proprietary flocculent designed to drop out soils from an aqueous solution. Pulls dirt particles to the bottom of the Reaction Tank for removal from the system.
 1730 Odor Gone 300Proprietary odor control and eliminator designed to be misted or atomized to completely remove the H2S rotten egg smell and other odors.
 1740Defoamer 400Proprietary defoamer designed to eliminate foam formation or to break existing foam in the SuperClear Reaction Tank.

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